Wow. We have sold more Silhouettes and Designer Roller Shades this summer than any summer since 2011! If you are new to Austin – 2011 was a horrible Summer of extreme drought. Dry ground throws dust into the air, increasing glare and the harshness of the light.. not mention dropping lake and aquifer levels. But this is Texas – and the light and weather can be harsh. So what to do?

Silhouettes and roller shades are the secret to defeat Texas glare while keeping your view.

Case in point: My son Daniel just switched out half of the shutters in one client’s home for Silhouettes. This client kept all the shutters shutters that faced the street. Everywhere else, they installed Silhouettes and Roller Shades, with the exception of the Master. The Master Bedroom has room darkening Vignettes – roman shades done in a lovely fabric that matches their design palette of grey/brown/blue.

Why the change?

“We love shutters, but for our yard and lake view windows the shutters were just not working . . . I ended up keeping the shutters closed so much, living room felt like a jail cell.”

Bottom-line – they never opened their shutters. If they opened the shutters during the day they still had material fading on a nearby couch (UV). New neighbors had been built behind them and they wanted to be able to have privacy and keep the view  they’d paid for.

When the new treatments were installed – the light in the house was completely dtransformed – “atmospheric” (and that came from Dad!).

Texas glare is not stylish – it is bright, flat, hard light – not ‘atmospheric’ at all. Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Pirhoettes, Vignettes and certain Designer Roller Shades and Screens (we’ll cover screen textures and transparencies here soon) are perfect for saving your privacy, view, flooring and furniture  from damaging UV rays. They also soften the light coming through your windows – making the view outside easier to see and giving your home that magic ‘atmosphere’.

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