Planning to decorate a nursery is such a fun and exciting time. However, the designing part can get a bit intense with the many different styles, colors, and themes for nurseries these days. You can go through magazines and search on Pinterest, sometimes feeling more overwhelmed by ideas than helped by them. At Hill Country Blinds, we are giving you three simplified design ideas that hope to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired for your nursery project.

Decorating above the crib

We all know crib mobiles have been around forever, but what about something attention-grabbing on the wall above the crib? Framed wall art of a simple abstract painting adds a sophisticated touch to your baby’s room. Hanging a favored quilt (maybe hand-sewn by Grandma or another family member) will give the room a homier feel. Of course, matching these items to your nursery theme ties the room together, or you can choose neutral colored items that compliment other décor in your home. Another popular wall art trend is woven wall hangings. Though originally more for spaces like the living room, woven wall hangings are very versatile, and hanging mini ones above your baby’s crib will add cuteness and Old World charm. Again, you can match the colors to your nursery theme or go neutral. Another unique idea for the wall space above the crib is adding paper décor that stands out from the wall like these flowers.

An Accent Wall

Accent walls are widely popular for all types of spaces in your home and can be easily translated into your baby’s nursery. It provides a focal point for the room that creates interest, as opposed to more traditional walls that are all uniform. You can try painting a wall mural, (a fun project for yourself, or you can hire someone) which is a really fun way to incorporate the theme of your nursery or add wallpaper. It is recommended that if you choose a patterned wallpaper, to keep the other walls in the room neutral, or tie them in with the colors of the wallpaper. If you are thinking about painting a dark accent wall, like navy, try balancing it out with white walls for the rest of the room.

Neutral Colors

To take the hassle out of choosing between theme colors and deciding which color scheme works best, try using a neutral pallet in your nursery. Light beiges, yellows, whites, grays and black hues can all be easily matched to pops of color in your accessories. A white crib and walls, paired with white window treatments offer a clean pallet for you to add colorful accessories to. Window treatments such as white shutters add a charming touch to a nursery. Woven wood shades are another way to bring neutral colors into the room while adding a touch of nature. Any neutral pallet is sure to look charming in a nursery while collaborating seamlessly with accent decorations.

At Hill Country Blinds, we are here to serve you by helping you create a home you love. We love providing design tips and have many different window treatment options to help you add the finishing touch to your next design or renovation project. We serve Austin, Bee Cave, Spicewood, and Lakewood, Texas, as well as surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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