Horizontal and Vertical Blinds for Your Home Near Bee Cave, Texas (TX) like Cadence Soft Styles

When choosing blinds for your home, you tend to have a lot of options to choose from, which can be incredibly overwhelming. Something to consider when shopping for blinds is whether or not your windows need vertical or horizontal blinds. At Hill Country Blinds, we offer both horizontal and vertical blinds for your home near Bee Cave, Texas.

First, you may not understand the difference so we will help you figure that out. Vertical blinds are constructed of long vertical slats that connect to a track at the top. They are typically made of fabric, metal, or vinyl. Horizontal blinds, on the other hand, are usually made from wood, faux wood, or metal but are constructed in the form of horizontal slats that are connected by several vertical strings.

When determining which are better suited for your windows a number of factors need to be considered for each window. You should consider each window, individually, as they may have different conditions that would make them better suited for different types of blinds.

The size and shape are some of the major factors in determining if you need horizontal or vertical blinds. Vertical blinds tend to be much better suited for large, wide windows. This could include picture windows or even sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds make it much easier to pass through a door since you only have to move them slightly to the side and not open them completely like you would have to with horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds are best suited for smaller windows. They fit great on skinny, tall windows.

Next, light control is important, specifically, the angle at which light enters your home. Windows facing the east and west should be fitted with vertical blinds, as the wider slats block more light. Windows facing the north and south are more well-suited for horizontal blinds.

Privacy is another thing to consider. Blinds in a bedroom or bathroom are especially important to think about. Vertical blinds are often not best for these spaces because it is easy to bump into them and accidentally open them slightly, allowing outsiders to peer in. Horizontal blinds are much less likely to do this, making them better for these spaces.

Hill Country Blinds is the perfect place for you to find beautiful window treatments. We offer shop-at-home services to all of Austin, Bee Cave, Georgetown, Lakeway, New Braunfels, Round Rock, Spicewood, and the surrounding areas. While we don’t offer a physical showroom, during your in-home consultation, we will bring the showroom to you. These consultations also allow our consultants to get a much better feel for exactly what your home needs in terms of privacy, light control, and more. No matter how challenging you may believe your needs to be, we are confident we can find you the perfect solution for your windows. Check out our website or give us a call and let’s set up your free in-home consultation today.

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