Windows should open and control - at the right time

Without any effort from you or your guests

Remember BEFORE Garage Door Openers?

Automated window shades. It truly is like the change to garage door openers from manually opening the garage doors ourselves.

Automating your window coverings saves money and hassle. If you have a lot of windows that face the sun in the morning – those windows stay closed until the sun moves to the other side of the house – then they open. You bet that saves money!

My ‘problem’ shades face the lake and the afternoon sun. Automating them – through my iPad! –  worked just the way Velma said they would. They tilt closed just after 2PM and rise – all at once (very impressive). Bob did a great job of explaining how to use the remotes and the iPad. Its easy – even for me. Thanks, Velma!
Scott Keeney

We can motorize one or all of the window coverings – including the skylights and sliding glass door coverings – in your home. The windows are controlled – one by one with a remote or wall switch, or in groups via the easy-to-use Platinum® app on your cellphone or iPad.

Once you automate your window coverings – you’ll find that your home is much more open and runs up flower energy bills. Its awesome!

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