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Sliding Glass Doors – Builders are using them again and we have new ways to treat them, depending:

1. Insulation & Energy Costs: Does the door face the sun, noise?

2. Function & Wear: Assume foot traffic  and wind moving through the door.

3. Privacy: How much view do you want – how much privacy do you need?

4. How important is the view through both windows?

5. Is there room for back stack on either side of the doors?

Sliding Glass Doors Blinds and Shades Near Austin, TX

Some products are better suited to large expanses of glass simply because they move horizontally, making them easier to operate.  Luminette® Privacy Sheers (see the first image below), bring in lots of light, traverse horizontally and provide – without losing privacy – the see-through you like in a traffic area.

Duette® and Applause® with Vertiglide™ and  Prism Vertical Blinds – provide light, horizontal traverse across sliding glass doors.

We have lot of success with semi-transparent roller blinds – one for each side of the door. We’ve found that our clients keep the shade down on the stationary side, while using the same shade (they are light and quick and easy to raise) for the door side.

Heavier products that raise and lower—wood blinds, metal blinds or woven woods, for example—can be comparatively difficult to lift, just because they are heavier and slower to raise/lower.

Large area windows have a large impact on your home – they increase the view and value of your home. They also can increase your energy bills significantly – we have solutions for large windows that address both issues beautifully.

When it comes to sliding glass windows and specialty shape or very large windows, Hill Country Blinds expertise, quality products and experience makes all the difference.

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