Window treatments have a long and history, and shutters are not excluded from this history. However, you might be more familiar with exterior shutters. This style of shutter could be functional, but in the past, it has also been quite common to use exterior shutters purely for aesthetics. In these cases, the shutters were usually attached next to the windows and weren’t opened or closed. While the use of outdoor or exterior shutters has seemingly decreased over the years, indoor shutters are as popular as ever. Perhaps it is due to the benefits of shutters without the hassle of having them on the exterior of your home. With shutters from Hill Country Blinds, you can enjoy a multitude of benefits of indoor shutters including timeless style, durable design, and an impressive appearance.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters near New Braunfels, Texas (TX) for an impeccable appearance and durability

With the long history of shutters, it’s no surprise that they are considered timeless classics. Whether on the exterior or interior, we all know the image of shutters, and now, indoor shutters are even associated with classic, Southern-style homes. The epitome of this look is achieved with Heritance Hardwood Shutters. These genuine shutters are made with high-quality North American Hardwood. Custom made to order, the wood is selected specifically for warmth, beauty, and charm. 

Heritance Hardwood Shutters are also known for their durable design and construction. The building process takes advantage of the strength of dovetail construction, the oldest form of woodworking joinery. This technique is popular because of the strength it creates, forming high-quality, durable products. The finish is also applied in a multi-coat process. This helps create an even more durable product that will resist staining and even repels dust. 

With timeless style and durable design, your Heritance Hardwood Shutters are sure to impress any guests coming to visit your home. The impressive appearance of these window treatments is aided by the multi-coat process. Not only is the Integra™ finish stylish and adaptable to your finish preferences, but the additional coats help ensure a high-luster appearance. To further customize your shutters, you can select your preferred artisan technique for an impressive appearance in design. These options include glazed, glazed, burnished, classic distressed, heirloom distressed, rustic, and textured.

Since these impressive, timeless, stylish, durable window treatments can be customized to perfectly fit your window, indoor shutters are a great option for anyone with tons of benefits. As an added benefit, you can choose from a variety of operating styles so that your shutters function well while still looking great.

  • Bi-Fold Track System: This option allows up to six panels to be hinged together and guided by a top track.
  • ByPass Track System: This style functions so that the panels can slide past one another. 
  • Hinged System: With this system, the panels are hinged to the window frame and together. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of indoor shutters for your homes such as timeless style, durable design, and impressive appearance, visit Hill Country Blinds in Lakewood, Texas. We serve the surrounding area including Austin, Round Rock, Spicewood, Georgetown, and Lakeway. Contact us today to get started!

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