Choosing Window Treatments for Each Room near New Braunfels, Texas (TX) like Shades for Light Control

A lot of our interior design decisions are centered around the purpose of each room in our homes. This is especially true when it comes to furniture purchases. The bedroom needs a bed, living and sitting rooms need couches and chairs, and a dining room should have a table and chairs. But the purpose, function and conditions of each room also dictate other design choices such as choosing window treatments. Shades, blinds and other window coverings are both decorative and functional, but they need to fit the space. Hill Country Blinds has window treatments for every space in your home.

When you are considering a window treatment purchase, you may think about durability. While this is an important factor in any area, it’s especially important if the room you are adding window treatments to has any special conditions. For example, heat and humidity can be an issue in sunrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you know that the room has a special conditioning need, then you can narrow your window choice selection. For instance, you know that your sunroom would benefit from extra UV protection, so you might choose solar or screen shades. Similarly, if you know your bathroom or kitchen gets rather humid, you will drift toward more durable options.

Once you have narrowed your choices based on the special conditions of the room, next you should think about your privacy needs. First, let’s consider your bathroom. If you have a bathroom with windows, your privacy is likely a major concern. In this case, not only are you seeking durable window treatments, but you want options that will effectively block the view into your home and will not move with the air flow in your home. You might elect to cover your windows with indoor shutters because the material is opaque and sturdy. On the other hand, your kitchen might overlook a fenced in backyard where you are less concerned about privacy. In those cases, you may elect to install stylish shades, curtains or blinds that you can adjust as needed.

Finally, once you have determined the special conditions and your privacy needs in each room, you will look at how much light control you want to have in each room. For example, the purpose of your sunroom is most likely to enjoy natural light with the protection of a shelter. As a result, you probably want a window treatment that will let a lot of light in, and you might choose a less opaque solar screen shade. On the other hand, if you are a light sleeper with a non-traditional schedule, you probably want to block as much light as possible in your bedroom. In this case, you may look for completely opaque options, blackout shades and curtains, or flexible options that let you enjoy light or darkness as desired.

When you are thinking about which window treatments are best for each room of your home, our staff at Hill Country Blinds can take the stress away with a free in-home consultation. Located in New Braunfels, Texas, we serve Bee Cave, Austin, Georgetown, Lakeway and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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