Silhouette® Window Shades near New Braunfels, Texas (TX) to brighten your home and your space

We all know that sunlight offers many benefits for people. If you spend a ton of time indoors, in dim spaces, it can affect your morale and outlook. While a lack of sunlight has scientific reasoning behind the overall adverse effect on people, just a general dreary atmosphere doesn’t do us any favors either. If you tend to feel like your home isn’t inspiring or spending a ton of time in certain rooms seems to drain some energy, you can make your home more comfortable by brightening your space with paint, spring cleaning, and installing window treatments from Hill Country Blinds.

Repainting Your Home

The color choices we make when designing the interior of our home can have a major impact on the feel of the room. While you might have a favorite color that you want to incorporate, that color isn’t always well-suited to being the major wall color in that particular room. That’s because the color of your walls tends to be a large focal point, and if the color you pick doesn’t complement other features or is overpowering, you might end up with a space that feels dark and cramped. For example, if you already have a smaller room, picking a bold color like a deep purple or red can end up feeling oppressive and overwhelming in that space. It’s better to pick a lighter, brighter, neutral color for your walls and then accent your space with touches of your favorite colors. Greys, light blues, and occasionally pale yellows can help create a brighter space that will still complement other design features.

Declutter Your Home

If we have room in our house, we tend to want to fill it, or sometimes overfill it. When you have smaller rooms or lots of walls, overfilling the space can not only affect claustrophobia but can just create an overall uncomfortable feeling. Some instances of this issue are more obvious than others. Many of us have seen shows about hoarding, and those cases are pretty clear that there is an overwhelming amount of stuff that affects the residents’ quality of life. But even just choosing furniture that’s not proportional to space or adding a few too many decorative elements can have a similar impact. Evaluate the use of your spaces and determine what you need. For example, if you have a smaller living room, do you need a sectional, or would a couple of love seats make space feel more open?

Installing Window Treatments

One of the easiest, natural ways to brighten your space is with sunlight! Window treatments from Hill Country Blinds can make taking advantage of natural light super easy. For example, Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings offer a modern style that enhances your existing design while offering tons of light control. Made with two sheer panels of fabric that have S-shaped fabric vanes between them, you have flexibility when it comes to light. You can raise or lower the shading completely, or you can adjust the fabric vanes like you would the slats of blinds. Since the sheer fabric connects the fabric vanes, you don’t need the cords or cables that are used for blinds. This helps open and brighten your space even more.

To get started brightening your space, visit Hill Country Blinds in New Braunfels, Texas. Serving the Austin area including Round Rock and Spicewood, our knowledgeable staff can show you a wide variety of window treatment styles to help you find what can help brighten your individual space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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