Keep a Cool Home with Honeycomb Shades near New Braunfels, Texas (TX) like Energy Savings

Most of us can appreciate the brightness and mood boost of a clear, sunny day, but when it comes to the heat of late summer, many of us also look forward to retreating into our cool, air-conditioned homes. However, keeping up with the heat can be difficult and expensive. If your home has any drafty areas and doesn’t have enough insulation throughout, then the cooler air in your home might escape before you can really enjoy it. This tends to have your A/C system on a continuous loop of trying to cool the air, making for a costly energy bill. With proper repairs and insulation on key areas like your windows, you can help keep a cool home while reducing your energy costs.

The first step to a more energy efficient home is addressing any obvious problem areas. Whether you have a drafty, old window or air leaks in your siding, these spots in your home are detrimental to your energy consumption. If you have gaps around your windows or doors, cooler air can escape your home and the bright sunlight will warm your home’s interior faster than your air conditioning can work. By sealing these gaps and leaks as well as replacing any drafty windows, you can help prevent the cooler air from escaping your home. This will allow you to focus on fine-tuning the insulation of your home to maximize your energy efficiency.

The warming effects of sunlight is very welcome on a cooler day when you can turn off your air conditioning and open your window treatments. As the light streams in, you can bask in the sun’s warmth and even feel its effects in your home. Many of us have stood directly in the sun’s rays coming through a window and felt the warmth from the floor. Unfortunately, this warming effect can be difficult to manage when it’s hot outside. Blocking the light can help, but the warmed air around the window can still circulate throughout your home.

Honeycomb shades can help trap this warmed air right at the source. This style of shade is built with a honeycomb construction which creates pockets or cells that help trap air. This process helps insulate your windows and improve the energy efficiency of your home. With an assortment of fabric options, you can customize the color, pattern, and even opacity. With dust and stain resistant fabrics as well as anti-microbial options, honeycomb shades require minimal maintenance. The cells and pleats also come in an assortment of sizes and are a design feature themselves. The associated folds add texture and visual interest to a space.

By pairing honeycomb shades with PowerView® Automation, you can streamline your home’s efficiency even more. Automated shades allow you to control them with your mobile device, and you can even schedule the movements of your shades. By scheduling the movement of your shades around the sunlight, you can control how much the sun can warm your home.

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