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Blinds Austin!  Wood blinds are from 2 to 3 times the price of faux wood – but they look awesome.  Times are changing! Metal blinds – in a huge variety of colors and sizes are now selling as well as Faux wood blinds. Our Faux Wood blinds are excellent and priced to make you smile. Quick delivery – excellent installation.

metal blinds

Metal Blinds Austin

Aluminum blinds come in all colors and sizes (1/2″ to 3″ slat widths) – entry doors, too!

That Cop Procedural Show Look

Faux Wood

Plastic and wood fibers made into slats –  they hold up great to heat and moisture.

Thank you for the blinds, Velma. Excellent job!

Louise MacIntyre

The Rich, Austin look of Real Wood

Real Wood

The real thing :US, eco-safe hardwoods. They do look and feel richer and authentic.

Our new wood blinds make our offices richer, cooler, beautiful. Thank you, Velma!

Cindy Rider

Automated Real Wood Blinds

No Hole | Motorized

No holes = No holes (sweet!). Motorized – think: a garage door opener for 24 garages.

Motorized Blinds

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Blinds Austin

Blinds are drama. Blinds Austin, tight-fitting, great price, great look. If you’re looking for that retro or metal look, blinds provide light control with a twist of a wand or cord. Blinds – Austin Real wood and Faux Wood blinds LOOK like wood. Tight-fitting, great price, great look.  We also carry rustic faux wood blinds pressed into rough wood shapes with wood grain patterns and yes (again!) metal blinds in lots of metal looks and textures.

Blinds Austin – Insulation Realities

Insulation-wise, blinds are tilted or open or closed. If they are open, they provide no insulation (with the exception of real wood, which provides some), UV control or privacy. Even tilted – their insulation values are the value of the materials themselves: wood is a better insulator than composite faux wood, so – when closed – wood is a better insulator than faux.

Product Values of Blinds

When blinds are compared to other window treatments, here are their strengths!

  • Privacy 50% 50%
  • Choice of Transparency 0% 0%
  • UV Protection 0% 0%
  • Insulation Values OPEN 0% 0%
  • Insulation values CLOSED 25% 25%
  • Durability Over Time 50% 50%
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